Knopf Gallery Ridgedale

John Knopf has been widely acclaimed for his limited edition landscape images. An international award winning photographer, Knopf’s work has become a staple in the art collector's home. Now bringing his passion for art and the outdoors to the Midwest, Knopf opening his first gallery in Minnesota at the Ridgedale Center in December 2016.

Bringing art together with music and entertainment, John opened his first gallery in 2012 on the Las Vegas strip. Knopf has turned his passion in landscape photography into a fine art masterpiece collection which can soon be viewed in his new Minnesota gallery. “This is going to be the quintessence of my work and a dream come true when it comes to this gallery. We have spared no expense in creating an innovative fine art environment for the space. I chose Minnesota because this state has become a cultural hub for fine art. To the best of my knowledge I have not come across another landscape fine art gallery in the area. I believe that landscape photography not only vastly increases our awareness of the fascinating world around us but reminds us the importance of preserving and protecting it.” You can see the work at the Ridgedale Center now and the grand opening date is January 26th 2017.