limited edition 105

artist proof 10

Land of 10,000 lakes. That's the common nickname for Minnesota. And it couldn't be more accurate. There are so many places in the world that have endless epic mountains and landscapes, but very few have as many lakes as the state of Minnesota. This is my second release from the midwest and this one really hits home for me. I call this image "Life of Pi" for quite a few reasons. As the artist, when creating a piece of art, you are trying to evoke an emotion. When creating this image I was at Lake Independence. After spending a year going to this location I finally had all the photographic elements I wanted. The boat was facing the direction I needed. There weren’t any boats on the water (which left a still reflection). The sun was setting, leaving this brilliant vivid purple and pink hue in the clouds. Then, right as the sun revealed a spot of light through the clouds, I snapped this image, capturing the rays of the sun along with every other element I wanted. “Life of Pi” speaks simplicity and tranquility, which is the emotion or feeling I was hoping to relay through this image. The state of Minnesota changes a lot through the seasons and I truly believe the only way to really experience a place is to live there through the seasons. After spending a year in Minnesota I couldn't be happier with my final and most balanced image yet: "Life of Pi".