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John's collection is a display of balance, patience, and timing. Waiting for the perfect lighting conditions, best possible season, weather, has taken Knopf years to capture many of his images. The art pieces displayed on this website and in the galleries have been chosen from thousands of different exposures and trips. These images are printed on the finest quality materials using a proprietary printing process. This brings unbelievable resolution, clarity, vibrance, and gives an incredible overall quality to the prints. The printing process is engineered to overcome and surpass all the limitations of traditional laserjet and inkjet prints. Details appear to emerge in 3D holographic form from the depth of the print with this  process thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with with iridium particles and is encapsulated in a layer suspended between a white poly mount and Acrylic.

After the image is printed and inspected, it is taken to mounting.  A state of the art crystal clear acrylic sheet is then mounted to the face of the image for protection.  The image is then sent to framing where we use imported Italian woods.  All prints are numbered, signed, and serial numbered accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.