John Knopf. Photographer.

John Knopf has been widely acclaimed for his panoramic landscape views and his ability to capture spectacular beauty through a camera lens. With a fast growing following, John has set out on a journey of discovering the great art shows of nature’s light, and invites you to come along. "It’s not about the photo, it’s about the hunt. Getting the shot no matter what obstacles are in the way. Make it worth it.” Says Knopf.

Knopf is an international award-winning photographer who's work has been recognized by National Geographic, Red Bull, USA Today, and Google INC. to name a few.

John was brought up on the Central Coast of California. With a passion for the outdoors, at the age of 4, he was given his first camera, and has since traveled all over the world for his photography. Completely self-taught, John has taken his art from a passionate hobby to a highly successful enterprise. Recently opening his first gallery at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

"There is something about the stillness of a photo that is just completely calming. Unlike a film, which gets 30 frames per second to make a moment perfect, I get one frame. One frame to capture a perfect moment that will never be seen again in history. Sometimes you have to hike miles carrying 50-100 lbs of equipment in the middle of a jungle - by yourself.  Nothing is more satisfying to me than walking away with that one epic shot." Says Knopf

Striving to make each image unique, John has now created one of the finest collections of landscape photography. Every frame is hand chosen to ensure that it is custom tailored to the piece. Using the finest materials, fuji crystal archive paper, and metal dye bond molding, John’s images will last you a lifetime. There are only a limited amount of editions per image, including artist proof prints. Each piece is numbered and signed personally by John.

Searching the world through true passion, John is always driven and determined to get the ultimate shot. His images speak for themselves.