limited edition 135

artist proof 12

I have a list of favorite places to visit in the U.S. and Oregon is on my top five. I try to visit these places year-round. Going back to the same location during the four seasons produces different results. I've always enjoyed the Fall season the most. The lush vibrant colors, the lighting, the leaves falling to the ground. When I spotted this location years ago I knew this was a spot I had to shoot during the right time of season. When taking a photo you really want to create almost a three dimensional look to it to make the viewer feel like they were there. The way the trees surround the waterfall forming a natural frame did that for me.  I frequently visited during Fall but it wasn't until this shot that the colors looked like this. The greens and yellows in the trees naturally contrasting each other really made this image come to life for me. After spending a few days at this location, losing a few filters and a lens to the cliff, and battling a hornets nest, I got the shot. When taking an image, as the photographer I really try to convey an emotion that represents the state or area. I named this image "Equanimity" because regardless of what it took to get this image, it was impossible not to find peaceful quietness in the end.