limited edition 80

artist proof 6

I've been scouting out locations in Minnesota for about a year now. When it comes to my photography, I try my hardest not to photograph places that everyone has shot. Sometimes you can't help it but I try and stick to that rule. There are some really unique places in Minnesota to take photos of but I wanted something different. I noticed that the lakes in Minnetonka were unexposed and gorgeous. So everyday at sunset, I set up my camera at this spot. I knew I wanted a good sunset for the image and it had to be on a day that the lake was semi-calm to achieve the flatness mirror effect. When I finally captured this sunset I knew I had something special. This image is called "Endless Summer". The way the jetty leads off into the distance, the pink and blue hues from the sunset, and being as this is August, the image wears the name well.