limited edition 43

artist proof 5

When I first got into photography I remember being told don't do anything mediocre. If at first you don't succeed, try again. I can't describe to you the sense of satisfaction I feel when I finally capture the shot I've been working on for five years. But it feels better than surreal. With shots like this the conditions have to be perfect. No clouds in the sky, no wind, new moon, the right lighting, middle of winter to try to avoid the city light pollution. The exposure has to be perfect! Every time I've shot this image in the past, one of those factors was off. On my last trip to the canyon this year, I was battling freezing cold weather and lack of a good tripod (my faithful tripod that I’ve had for years failed on me), however my Navajo guide and I battled through it and, I finally got my picture. With the stars glittering bright and using flashlights to light up the inside walls I snapped a few shots and knew instantly this is the moment I've been waiting for.